Analysis of Categorical Data

4 days: To be scheduled

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This course deals with the analysis of categorical data, with emphasis on binary outcomes and commonly used methods. The course covers the following topics; not all in the same depth:

Course structure

The four days are deliberately arranged so that there is a weekend break during the course. Each day will consist of four approximately equal-length sessions; the first session of the day will commence at 9:15 a.m. and the final session will end at approximately 4:45 p.m. The sessions will mix lecture presentations with practical work; tutorial help will be available.

All participants have access to a PC. The statistical package MINITAB will be used in this course; the notes will also provide information about the application of the methods in SPSS. Most, but not all, of the methods covered in the course can be implemented in Minitab or SPSS.


Participants will need to be comfortable with mathematical notation and reasoning, and have used statistical methods at a basic level; the course is not suitable for someone who has not studied statistics at an introductory level. For example, participants should know about hypothesis tests and confidence intervals. The course “Statistics for Research Workers” would be suitable preparation.

Course presenter:

The presenter is Professor Ian Gordon, the Director of the Statistical Consulting Centre. Ian has had extensive experience over two decades in the practical application of these methods and has delivered many statistics courses to participants coming from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Who should take this course?

The course is suitable for researchers who need to analyse data that are categorical in nature, especially binary data. Models for such data are required in every discipline. This course is open to the public.
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Wilson computer lab

The course will be held in the Wilson Computer Laboratory in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Richard Berry Building.

Parking within the University grounds will not be available.

Trams are conveniently located on Swanston Street,
the centre encourages sustainable forms of transport.
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