Ken Sharpe

Dr Ken Sharpe
(03) 8344 6995


My areas of expertise include:
  • Experimental design
  • Analysis of categorical data (logistic regression, log-linear models)
  • General linear models
  • Quality control
Current and/or recent projects include:
  • Testing for the use of, prohibited, performance-enhancing, drugs in sport.
  • Calibration of scales used to assess competency in English among overseas students wishing to study in Australia.
  • Estimating the numbers of visitors to national parks.
  • Evaluation of factors that might influence the outcome of shoulder surgery.
  • Modelling the fatigue strength of cemented materials used in road construction.


Areas of interest:

  • Analysis of categorical data
  • Discriminant analysis
  • Analysis of longitudinal data

Recent publications


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Have taught numerous main-stream and service courses in Applied Statistics across year levels 1 to 4.