Melbourne Statistical Consulting Platform

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Statistical support and advice

The Melbourne Statistical Consulting Platform provides up to 10 free hours of statistical advice to eligible graduate researchers, across their candidature. See condition form for the details.

Who is eligible?


Make an appointment:

Call on 8344 6995. Send an enquiry

Preparing for your appointment:

You will need to bring a copy of the "the MSCP condition form" signed by your supervisor. Please present on your first consultation. The consultants may decline to provide statistical assistance to students without a signed form.

Download condition form


Consultants can assist with all stages of a research project and graduate researchers are strongly encouraged to see a consultant when they are planning their study. When you have reached the stage of entering or analysing your data, you can prepare for meeting with a consultant by following these guidelines.

Preparing your data



The Melbourne Statistical Consulting Platform offers advice, statistical consulting and data analysis to staff within the University.


Wilson computer lab

Statistical Consulting Centre short Courses

Our courses are designed with graduate research students in mind. Intensive short courses are discounted for University of Melbourne students.

We also deliver the post-graduate course Statistics for Research Workers (MAST90007).

SCC current intensive courses: Handbook entry for MAST90007 Make an enquiry about courses Send an email about courses