Statistics for Basic Physician Training (FRACP)

24 September 2017 (1 day)


The workshop will focus on the statistical needs of physician trainees, and the topics covered in the FRACP examination. Clear, succinct, written notes will be provided, and the day will conclude with a trial MCQ test on the statistics topics, worked through with the presenter.

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Professor Ian Gordon (MSc, PhD, AStat)

Ian is a Professor of Statistics and Director of the Statistical Consulting Centre at The University of Melbourne.  He has delivered training in statistics to doctors for over 20 years, and has extensive experience in medical and epidemiological research. He is currently a Chief Investigator for an NHRMC-funded randomised controlled trial and has been involved in the design and analysis of many RCTs, case-control and cohort studies.


Feedback from participants in courses presented by Professor Gordon:
“The quality and consistency of teaching was the most remarkable feature of this course. I particularly found the lecturer’s willingness to answer my questions patiently and respectfully helped the student learn.”
“An excellent course, which makes highly complex concepts simple to understand. It is extremely well organised and well taught.”
On the question “This course was well taught”, the percentage of participants agreeing or strongly agreeing has been consistently over 90%, and sometimes 100%.

Feedback 2015-2016

"Exceeded my expectations! Very well run and well taught also felt personal."

"The clarity of the material: Clear understanding on concepts."

Did this workshop meet your expectations? "Yes - Highly relevant to medical practice."
"A Great course for trainees wanting statistics explained for the exam."

"Very well taught - starting at basics and working up in levels of detail."

"This course was very well presented and covered all of the main topics. I’m very glad I chose to attend."

"Good resource for trainees sitting RACP exam"

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JH Michell Theatre Theatre 1: G01

Campus reference:G20.

Ground floor lecture theatre in the Peter Hall (Maths) building.

The main entrance is just inside the west entrance to building.

The University of Melbourne, Parkville Victoria 3010.

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**Please note closing date to register: 20 September 2017

What's included: notes, lunch, morning and afternoon tea.

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