Ray Watson

Ray Watson
Associate Professor

(03) 8344 6995


I have been involved in many statistical consulting jobs — mainly for clients from other departments within the university.  My major consulting activity for the past few years has been my ongoing involvement in developing a meat quality measure for Meat Standards Australia.



My main research interest has been in stochastic processes and in particular population models — particularly in producing usable approximations for stochastic models to overcome the inadequacy of deterministic models on the one hand and the intractability of the stochastic models on the other. This has led to an interest in martingale central limit theorems and random time scale transformations as useful tools in such endeavours.

I retain an active interest in population modelling and inference for such models. However, my research interests are quite diverse and include work in education and applied statistics. I have published papers in distribution theory, sample size determination and survival analysis.

Current research projects include:

Recent published papers

Some older papers