Stephen Vander Hoorn
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I joined the Statistical Consulting Centre in late 2010. My primary interests lie in the area of biostatistics but I have worked extensively in the fields of both epidemiology and population health. I have been a co-investigator on a number of studies carried out in Australasia as well as with researchers internationally and led by the Harvard University.

I recently worked on the statistical analysis for the 14th report of Health Watch – a study of the health of workers in the petroleum industry in Australia, focusing on mortality and cancer incidence, that has been running for over 30 years. Some other examples of my consulting work include the development of interactive online Victorian Heart Maps for the Heart Foundation. I have also worked with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority on ways of assessing risk exposure in the shipping industry. I have a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Science from the University of Auckland.

I am a member of the Statistical Society of Australia and an Accredited Statistician (AStat).


From time-to-time I have supported the teaching of short courses run by the Statistical Consulting Centre such as Statistics for Research Workers.


I have been working on developing new methodologies for modelling of disease outcomes and combining this with development of software applications that can be used for risk assessment and research prioritisation. I have also continued my involvement with the Global Burden of Disease project. This work has been ongoing for fifteen years and has involved spending considerable time at both the Harvard School of Public Health as well as the World Health Organization. The main achievement from this work would be my contribution as the Principal Statistical Coordinator in the World Health Report 2002 and I have continued to be involved in this international collaboration.


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