What was the question again?

What is your answer to the following question?
"Lately there has been much talk about euthanasia. Would you support or oppose the introduction of a law which protects doctors who assist terminally ill patients who choose to end their own lives?"
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This question was used by the AGB McNair Age Poll and it was reported in The Age of 7 June 1995 that three out of four Australians support the legalisation of euthanasia. However, Dr David Weedon, the federal president of the Australian Medical Association, objected to the wording. He said: "You have asked people whether they support a law which protects doctors. I would think that the result is showing a vote of confidence in the medical profession, which is unrelated to whether they support euthanasia."

Researchers and statisticians involved in designing questionnaire need to ensure that questions are not worded in a way that would lead respondents to give biased responses. Otherwise the wording of questions and the interpretation of responses can be disputed.